Iceland: Day One

Keflavik AirportNovember 4, 2013


We’re off to Iceland to see the Northern Lights (weather permitting) and more!
The airport was a breeze leading us to the dreamy assumption that the plane would be half empty. We were wrong, but it was nice to fantasize about it for a moment.
When I get on a plane bound for a time change at the destination, I like to try to reset my clock by “fast-forwarding” to the time it will be when I arrive. In this case, our 3:30 pm flight is “actually” departing at 11:30 pm Reykjavik time. I snuggle up with my tiny airline pillow and my cootie filled airline blanket and try to go to sleep. I am very (very) sensitive to sound and don’t typically sleep well, even at home. I have maybe twice in my life slept on flights and NEVER soundly. I quickly realize that this flight will be no different. I am surrounded by sound sleepers, movie viewers, a few women having a conversation that they should not be having, particularly at 11:30 Reykjavik time. The woman that OF COURSE is sitting behind me is apparently clicking through every possible movie option that is on her “complimentary entertainment center” which just so happens to be on the backside of MY headrest.
Much to my disappointment, this trip seems destined to begin like most others where I stay awake for 24 hours or more to reset my clock.
Our trip is only 5 days and nights, the first night of which is right now. There’s no time to waste.

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