Germany: Day One

cropped-img_0355.jpgSince I started Fool of the World back in January, it has always been my goal to revisit my archives and share some of the other trips that I have documented.  However, when I went back to review what I had written I realized that my writing style had evolved over time as I became aware that people actually enjoyed hearing about my exploits.  These posts just didn’t seem polished enough.

I have mulled over many times the re-writing of these first “primitive” accounts and I have decided that for the sake of authenticity, I would re-post my journal entries in their original form. Enjoy!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Off for adventure!
Off for adventure!

Vacation Breakdown Day 1:  Three hour flight delay causing our flight to be rerouted through Norway (via Iceland) adding 7 hours to our flight time. Arrival in Munich. One hour spent in parking garage trying to get the GPS to English. Leave Airport at 9:30 pm to drive 100 miles to Fuessen. GPS wild goose chase leading us to a closed road. Drove around three road blocks to determine that the road really was closed. Near mental breakdown.  Turned around (after trying for several minutes to put the car in reverse). Drove through several small towns before the GPS rerouted us to Fuessen. Arrived at hotel at midnight just as the clerk was closing up for the night. *sigh*

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