Germany: Day Three


Wino Training
Wino Training
Kai's Snails. (She loved them!)
Kai’s Snails. (She loved them!)

Friday, August, 26, 2011

Day 3: 35 degree temperature drop from yesterday. Raining and 48 today. Bad weather has derailed plans to visit Zugspitze, the tallest peak in Germany. Instead, we explored by car down into Austria. Seems everyone else decided to do the same thing. 😦 It took us two hours to go 16 km. Finally made it through traffic and passed through Reutte and Innsbruck (site of 1964 & 1976 Winter Olympics). Stopped at “SPAR” market and filled the cooler with local foods (although we couldn’t find the ice). Ate lunch in the car as we continued on to Mittenwald, Germany (famous for world-class violin, viola and cello makers). Explored Mittenwald (the highlight was the ReWe grocery store because it was after 6pm and everything else was closed). Finished our journey in Garmisch, a mountain resort town. After settling in to our hotel we headed to the restaurant for another delicious meal (salad, spatzle, schnitzel, potato croquettes, white wine). Kai even had some snails! We’re closing up the long day with one if our pirated DVDs from China (our American ones don’t work here). Gute nacht!

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