Germany: Day Eight

Gas Station Goodness
Gas Station Goodness

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 8: Breakfast of schokomusli (chocolate musli cereal, like Lucie’s in Shanghai), bread, cheese and tea. Off to Legoland. 100 km drive and pouring rain. Good thing we brought the Bavarian flag umbrellas that we got the first day in Fuessen. They stand out and make it easy to find each other. Pasta Carbonara for lunch with crepes (with banana and Nutella) and a latte immediately following. The weather cleared around 3 pm just as we were seated for the Shanghai acrobat show. The acrobats were the highlight for me. The rest of the Legoland experience pushed my limits of personal space, body odor and unattended children. At least the kids had a good time. Stayed at Legoland until closing time and took short drive to hotel. At the hotel, we discover that we’re really out of English-speaking Germany (it wasn’t just at Legoland). Jeff did a fine job at charades through hotel check-in (hands by head for pillow, pretend pulling up sheets for blankets, etc.). Left for dinner (just guessed at menu items) and by the time we returned the kids beds were all made up! Dinner tonight was super delicious “zartes putensteak,” tender turkey steak with spinach ricotta ravioli. OMG. We stopped by the Shell station on the way back to the hotel and I topped off the night with a “kinder maxi king” bar. It’s sort of like an ice cream bar, but found in the refrigerator section. Yum-O. Put the kids in the bath and we’re calling it a night. Gute nacht. Zzzzzzzz……

Legoland, Deutchland
Legoland, Deutchland

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