Germany: Day Ten

Our hotel was built into the medieval wall.
Our hotel was built into the medieval wall.

Day 10: We started off the morning with pastries and coffee at the coffee shop across from the hotel. First stop for the day was the Medieval Crime and Punishment Museum. They had an extensive collection of torture devices and explanations of different punishments. My favorite part was the section on how naughty school children were punished, particularly the “ass of shame” a painting of a donkey that was to be worn around the child’s neck (sometimes with accompanying donkey hat). After the museum we took another walk along the city wall and wandered through some of the booths that were set up for their Reichsstadt festival. Around noon we hit the road to journey to Herzogenerach, the home of Adidas and Puma. I am not sure about Adidas, but Puma still has its headquarters here. Otherwise, it’s outlet stores in the middle of corn fields Overall, the outlets were a big disappointment. Massively expensive. Jeff and I each got a pair of shoes and some socks. Jeff also got a few soccer jerseys. Then, back in the car for a short drive to Nuremburg (Nürnberg). We check-in to the biggest fanciest hotel that we’ve seen so far and are disappointed to find there is no pool (as listed in the guidebook). In fact, it is not kid friendly at all. 😦 After getting settled, we wandered into town for some dinner and found a sushi restaurant (a welcome change after all of the schnitzel we’ve been eating). After dinner we wandered back to the hotel and hit the sack.

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