There’s no place like home…

Sometimes, with all of the dreaming about traveling to distant places that I do, I forget just how fabulous my hometown can be.

Earlier this week, while exploring on a field trip to a local beach with my eight year old daughter’s class, I found myself telling my daughter to “live in the moment.”  I had never said this before, but at the time it just fit.  I caught myself for a second and realized that I needed to start taking my own advice.  Instead of constantly dreaming of going somewhere else, sometimes I need to stop and appreciate how charming my little community is and how lucky I am to have such a lovely place to call home.

All of the photos in this slide show were taken within five miles of my house – many of them in my backyard.

I love that I get the opportunity to travel, but feel very fortunate about where I get to call home.


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