UK: Day Five

Harrod’s “Food Hall”

Day Five:

June 19, 2013

Jeff went off on his own and took in the “Tower Bridge Experience” where he got to walk out on the upper span of the bridge and then went down under the bridge to see the steam engines that power the lifting mechanisms that power the drawbridge. From there he took a Thames river cruise to Greenwich.  In Greenwich, he went to the Royal Observatory Greenwich and the National Maritime Museum where he saw the Cutty Sark and the prime meridian and the historical telescopes that were used to map the stars along the meridian. After returning from his cruise, he went to iron out things for picking up our car in the morning and then came back to the local neighborhood for some Indian fare.

Meanwhile, the girls and I rode the tube across town to Harrod’s department store. It was HUGE!! We slept so late that we had missed breakfast at the hotel, so the first priority was food!  While trying to figure out where we were going, we met Anna Faris in the “lift.”  When I told her I recognized her (I didn’t remember her name until after we went our separate ways) she said, “Are you from Edmonds?”  Anyway, she went on to the Terrace Restaurant, while we stumbled quite accidentally upon the Disney Cafe.  Lucky me.

Disney Cafe in Harrod's
Disney Cafe in Harrod’s

The kids were over the moon excited and they ate assorted Mickey shaped food items before we wandered on to find the massive toy department…and then (most importantly) the books before finally ending up in the fascinating Food Hall.   OMG!  Every sort of food you could ever imagine was right there at our fingertips. The girls settled upon donuts and juice, which we happily took out to the sidewalk to eat.  We had spent three hours exploring the store and needed to get going to head to another part of the city.


Kiki and London Mayor Boris Johnson
Kiki and London Mayor Boris Johnson

Just before four, we arrived at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.  Kiki loved posing with EVERY figure. The kids only recognized maybe 1/3 of the people, but I had fun watching people and taking photos.  We decided to skip the hall of horrors after the haunted London hell walk earlier in the week. There was a fun “History of London” ride and a pretty cool “4D” Marvel Superheros movie. Kai screamed through that. Fun times.

We made a quick stop in Piccadilly Circus for McDonalds (of all things) and then headed back to Blackfriars to get some shut eye and pack up our things. We leave London in the morning (and both Jeff and I have insomnia).

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