Day Four: Chatham

Day Four: Chatham

We had a late start today, leaving the hotel after ten to get breakfast at IHOP in Hyannis. We followed up our meal with a rousing round of mini golf at Wild Animal Lagoon.

Wild Animal Lagoon Mini Golf

I wanted to see another lighthouse, so we drove down to Chatham on the “elbow” of the Cape. Chatham Light, established in 1808, was the second light to be built on Cape Cod. It was originally two towers, but one was moved north in 1923 to become Nauset Light. The adjacent home, originally constructed for the light keeper, now houses active duty Coast Guard personnel.

Chatham Lighthouse

Directly across the street is Chatham Light Beach. The parking lot only allowed us 30 minutes (perfect for me), so we walked out to the beach where I planted it in the sand and Jeff took the girls for a little beach stroll.

Monomoy Wildlife Refuge

South of the lighthouse and connected by a deceivingly tiny little road marked “no outlet” is Morris Island, part of which is part of the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. Monomoy was established as a refuge for migratory birds in 1951, but boasts many kinds of wildlife, including horseshoe crab, deer, harbor seals, and gray seals. After crossing the small land bridge, the island opened up to a large residential area including two gated communities boasting large oceanfront homes with yachts anchored in adjacent Stage Harbor. We found a spot to park along the road to wonder down to the beach. On the ocean side of the road, we found an expansive salt water marsh, which was not conducive to walking. On the sheltered harbor side we found a sandy beach.

Sometimes you stumble upon the neatest things without ever expecting to find anything. As we wandered up to the sandy shore, Kiki discovered hundreds of tiny fiddler crabs. When they heard her coming, they all scuttled off to hide in the sea grass. It was quite a sight. We all enjoyed wading up the beach to watch more and more flee. The same beach had hundreds and hundreds of tiny little hermit crabs. Pretty neat.  

Fiddler Crab

After exploring the beach a while, we drove up to Main Street to find some sushi. The restaurant didn’t open until five, so we took some time to wander through the local shops until dinner. Bluefins Sushi & Sake bar did not disappoint. After dinner, we drove back to the hotel for a little unwinding at the pool. After a few hours of properly unwinding, we went into Hyannis in search of something “not sushi” for Kiki to eat.
 We were surprised that Hyannis had a pretty active nightlife. A lot of the shops were still open after 9 o’clock, allowing Kai to replace her blown out flip-flops and me to find an adorable little dress. Jeff found Kiki a hot dog, which she followed up with two slices of pizza. We closed out the night with some of the best ice cream in New England from Katie’s Homemade Ice Cream.

 Tomorrow we’re off to Boston!

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