Day 9: Ogunquit to Portland, Maine


Marginal Way Footpath

After a quick continental breakfast at the hotel, we set out on foot to explore the Marginal Way Oceanview Path. The 1.25 mile footpath skirts the edge of the cliff between tiny Perkins Cove and the larger (yet still small) town of Ogunquit to the north. Although it was hot and humid, we really to enjoyed the expansive views of the Atlantic Ocean.


Ogunquit Beach


The big black clouds that were looming ahead released a downpour as soon as we reached Ogunquit, forcing us into another hasty restaurant choice. Caffe Prego, a little Italian restaurant, hit the spot and gave us reprieve from the rain. After the rain cleared up, we walked looped back around to our hotel and started our drive toward Portland, Maine.

I was curious about Kennebunkport knowing that the Bush family had a summer home there, so we meandered up the coast until we arrived in Kennebunkport. When I consulted TripAdvisor for points of interest, it suggested we take a scenic drive on Ocean Drive. As we were taking in the views, I remembered that I had read that the Bush Compound was viewable from the road somewhere in Kennebunkport. I suggested that Jeff pull over so I could look it up on the map. We just happened to pull over at the lookout point overlooking Walker Point where generations of the Bush family have spent their summers. It was pretty cool to get a peek into their lives.

Way Way Store

From Kennebunkport, we went further north to meet up with a colleague of Jeff’s that lives in Saco, Maine. We had a little time to spare, so we stopped by the Way Way Store to load up on “penny” candy (actually $6.95/lb.). The Way Way Store has been in Saco since 1927. It sells candy, ice cream and slightly used canoes. Cray cray.
In Saco we met up with Jeff’s work pal, Randy, and his lovely family. Jeff enjoyed catching up and we both enjoyed hearing about their recent trip to Europe. We got some great tips for things to around Portland. (Thanks to the Vaughn family!)


Portland waterfront


After arriving in Portland, we checked into the hotel. The kids and Jeff had some pool time while I tried to catch up on my blog. (I didn’t.)


Steamed lobster dinner


Clam chowder AND clam strips

In the evening, we walked into town to find Kai some “chowdah!”  Portland is the largest most populous city in Maine. It is said to have the most restaurants per capita of any city in the United States. For that reason, it was not difficult to stumble upon a restaurant with “chowder” in the title for yet another fantastic dinner. No dinner is complete without ice cream, so we went to the variety store for homemade ice cream to cap the night. I had “Maine Blueberry.” So good! *sigh*
Once we made it back to the hotel, we carried on with my children’s new HGTV addiction and watched several real estate flipping shows before finally pulling the plug on the TV around midnight to get a bit of rest.


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