Day Ten: Portland, Maine


Blueberry Pancakes

This morning we had breakfast at the iconic Becky’s Diner, once featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (although we didn’t know that
when we made plans to go there).

Peaks Island Ferry

After breakfast, we had just enough time to walk to the other end of town to catch a ferry to Peaks Island, an inhabited island just three miles from downtown Portland. It is one of the dozen or so “large” islands and several dozen “small” islands in Casco Bay. It is accessible by a 15 minute ferryride.  Although there are about 850 year round residents, the population more than doubles in the summer with vacationers.

 It is possible to walk the perimeter if the island to take in the beautiful views of the Casco Bay and the distant islands and lighthouse. But where’s the fun in that? Instead, we rented one of the many golf carts that can be seen crisscrossing the island.

We were able to visit all of the “top spots” recommended by the golf cart guy, including:


Jeff playong Cairn Jenga


a beach filled with cairns (piled up rock sculptures) and views of three different lighthouses,

 a trail through a swamp to a beaver pond/dam,

 a scenic road along the bay and a sandy beach dotted with sea glass (though not as fantastic as we can find at home) and mussel shells.


Building a cairn


Cairn Beach

Kiki LOVED riding around in the cart so much that I suggested that she take up golfing so that she can ride in a golf cart on a regular basis. When our time ran out, we extended another hour.  After turning in the cart, we had just enough time to use the restroom, fill up on (more) ice cream and then get back on the ferry (with 200 other people) back to downtown Portland. It was an interesting little place that reminded me very much of the little islands that I have visited near home (Blake, Lopez, Orcas, Vashon). Thanks for the recommendation, Vaughn Family.
When we got back to Portland, Jeff went back to the hotel to give he girls some pool time, while I set out to do some window shopping (alone time).

We reunited again for dinner in the hotel restaurant.


We found some whoopie pies!


Chocolate for Kiki


Chocolate Chip for Kai

After dinner, the girls and I decided that we needed to get ahold of one of the famous “whoopie pies” that we had heard were a “Maine treat.” The front desk suggested a take-out Italian restaurant for us to try just a few blocks from the hotel. Sweet success! We scored two traditional (chocolate cake with cream filling) and a chocolate chip whoopie pie for Kai.

We could sleep easy now for tomorrow we were off to New Hampshire and Vermont.

 Goodbye sweet salty ocean air. 😢

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