New England: Here We Come

I am a planner. Good or bad, I am very type A and prefer to have well laid plans, particularly when I am traveling. Jeff likes to say that I “plan the fun out” of things. I like to say that I am “always prepared.” Semper Paratus.

Regardless of the point of view, one of the side effects of going back to work this year has been that I haven’t had time to plan the specific details of the Wilson family summer trip. So, as I sit on the plane bound for Boston and our New England road trip adventure, it is with the just the slightest bit of trepidation. 

Part of how I like to prepare for a trip is to read to and with my kids about the region that we will be visiting, including its history, traditions and food. Sometimes we watch movies, too. 

This go around, I started very late…after school got out in mid-June. Despite the limited time, I was able to squeeze in a few good titles. 

 I started with Amazing Places to Take Your Kids. I found this while weeding and organizing the non-fiction section in my library. I used it as a guide when I was planning out our route between Cape Cod and Montreal. 

 Next, I listened to George vs. George: The American Revolution as Seen From Both Sides. This is a short book (64 pages/ 70 minutes on audiobook) that explores General come President George Washington and King George III of England.  This book did a good job presenting facts in a neutral way for both men. Oftentimes, our history is tainted with biased accounts of history.  


The “You Wouldn’t Want to…” Series consists of over 50 books on mostly historical topics. Each book is about 30 pages and is illustrated with silly cartoonish pictures. My whole family enjoyed reading these books. They are packed with facts and only take a half hour to read. Each book also contains a glossary of relevant terms. So far we’ve read You Wouldn’t Want to Sail on the Mayflower: A Trip That Took Entirely Too Long by Peter Cook and You Wouldn’t Want to Be An American Colonist: A Settlement You’d Rather Not Start by Jacqueline Morley.

As we board the plane to Boston from DC at 10:07 local time, I am starting to have flashbacks of our ill-fated travel day to Germany in 2012. After traveling all day from  Seattle to Iceland to Norway and finally to Munich, we had a 100 mile drive through the dark in a rental car that it took us an hour to persuade the rented GPS to speak English.  It was only after the third “Road closed” sign AND THE ROAD ACTUALLY ENDING that Jeff decided to turn around and try another route. We pulled into our hotel in Fuessen just before midnight as the desk clerk was putting away the sign from the sidewalk. Late, but not too late (barely).
To read more about that day go here: Germany: Day 1

I am hoping for better luck today. 

I am glad to announce that although as I write this it is almost 3 am and despite the several detours and massive amounts of road construction, we made it to our hotel and slipped into bed just after 2 am.  I’m wicked stoked to hit Dunkin Donuts in the morning before we head off to the Mayflower and Plymouth Plantation. 

Goodnight all! (Or should I say “Good Morning?”)